Friday, March 21, 2008

Ken O’Conner signed story sketch

Here's a fantastic story sketch for the bathing scene of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs that is at the Disney California Adventure art exhibit, The Fairest One of All. This sketch is sgned by Ken O'Conner. The drawing itself is beautiful enough and shows how the Disney artists were working to provide the creative input to Snow White. And interesting as well are the technical notes or directions written on the sheet. It's nice to have it signed so we know who drew it. (Click on it for a larger picture).

Ken O'Conner has a page at The International Animated Film Society (ASIFA) Cartoon Hall of Fame. Here's the link: A. Kendall O'Conner.

He was born in Perth Australia and worked on Snow White and 12 other Disney animated features. He was awarded the Annie Winsor McCay Award in 1987. Take a look at the Cartoon Hall of Fame page linked above. The comments are heartfelt and informative from his loved ones.

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