Friday, March 21, 2008

Annoying Fly, early gag sketch for Snow White

The Fairest One of All art exhibit at Disney California Adventure's Animation Building will soon be over. I was there last weekend and spoke with one of the "cast members". She said that the exhibit would last only one to two more weeks, then it'd be taken down. She was not sure what would go in after or if this Snow White exhibit would move anywhere else.

So GO SEE IT while you can.

Here is a gag sketch called the Annoying Fly that was an early proposed gag for the dwarfs.

It's done comic strip style, though there are no frames. The dwarf is up on a ladder and tries to slap an annoying fly buzzing around his head, he falls and bounces on to a bellows.

The gag apparently continues on another large piece of paper, but that second part of the gag -- what the bellows blows on and causes to happen, I assume -- is not in the exhibit.

Click on the pic to get a larger image. The quality of these photos are not high, but you can see fairly well all the different sequences (they go right to left, top row, then bottom row).

Anyone know who drew this gag?