Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Deleted Soup Scene from Snow White

From the "Fairest One of All" exhibit at California Adventure, below is a shot I took of the soup eating scene -- the famous scene that got cut out.

According to Michael barrier's fantastic biography of Walt Disney, The Animated Man, one reason for its excision was because it had a lot of similarities to the washing-up scene. Grumpy was grumpy and was last to go to the table, just as he was last to wash-up. And Dopey swallowed a spoon, like he swallowed the soap.

The Platinum DVD edition of Snow White apparently has this deleted scene included. I say apparently because I myself don't have it and take this info from Ultimate Disney's review of the DVD.

In the exhibit this picture corresponds to the Dwarfs Arrive Home display and the artist is not specified. In the picture Grumpy would be seated to the left and Dopey on the right, but the camera is zoomed in such that those two are not in this picture. The red square looks as if it is direction for where the camera is to go, but I can't say for sure.

There is apparently a song that goes with this scene called Music in My Soup.

Click on the picture for a much larger image.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Halloween Haunted Mansion and Christmas Tree

The Haunted Mansion, Halloween flavored -- i.e. Nightmare Before Christmas makeover.

And the Christmas tree on Main

Click to see a larger picture.

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Fairest One of All

The Fairest One of All: Celebrating the Art of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
is a great art exhibit in the animation building of California Adventure. It is made up of 15 big boards or panels that have various pieces of art that are either reproductions or original art pieces from the making of Snow White. This exhibit commemorates the 70th anniversary of the movie's release. I borrowed a couple of pictures from a French Disney-topic blog called Disneytheque that illustrate the set-up well.

The top picture I took at the exhibit and is a close-up detail of a larger sketch for Love's First Kiss from the Happily Ever After board. I'll close out with an early sketch of the Woodsman who ended up looking a lot different than this early sketch from the Queen's Evil Plan board. Click on them for larger images.

The exhibit includes cels, cels on background, concept art, gag sketches, clean-ups and studies.

I tried to go through and make note of every picture on each board to present here for people who'd be interested, but realized I didn't have time or enough paper to do that. So I tried then to list all original art, so below there will be some complete entries and some with few or no entries for what is on each board.

The artists who have original artwork presented are: Ward Kimball, Hamilton Luske, Bill Roberts, Art Babbitt, Vladimir Tytla, Ken O'Conner, Arthur Fitzpatrick, Joe Grant, Ferdinand Horvatch, Gordon Legg, Jack Campbell, Errorl Gray, Eric Larson, Norm Ferguson, Nick George, Maurice Noble, Bernard Garbutt and Grim Natwick.

First is a list of each board then followed by the boards and their contents (or at least original art on the board). I tried to italicize any titles given and bold artist's names.

The Story Behind “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”
Magic Mirror on the Wall
I’m Wishing
The Prince
Queen’s Evil Plan
Flight Through the Forest
Forest Friends
Dwarf Cottage
Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho
Dwarf’s Arrive Home
Building a Bed
The Poison Apple
The Queen’s Disguise
Happily Ever After
How Animation Works

The Story Behind “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”

  • Story
  • Concept art
  • Concept art
  • Model sheet
  • Animation and cel
  • Cel set-up on background
  • Layout and background

Magic Mirror on the Wall

  • Written introduction concept for story book page. Gordon Legg, airbrush artist.
  • Queen with panther concept art
  • Studies of the Wicked Queen (3)

    • Queen Seated,Joe Grant, graphite and oil on paper
    • Two by Ferdinand Horvath, graphite on paper

  • Queen Enters Laboratory, reproduction of animation cel set-up (note – unfinished edges)
  • Slave in the Mirror, story sketch; graphite and colored pencil on paper
  • Queen Looking at Magic Mirror, Art Babbit, clean-up animation drawing, sequence 1b, scene 4, graphite and colored pencil on paper; has note on drawing in red: “reg to mirror”.

I’m Wishing

  • Jack Campbell, Eric Larson animators; clean-up animation drawing; Sequence 2A, scene 1; graphite and colored pencil on paper

The Prince

  • No notes for this board

Queen’s Evil Plan

  • Huntsman in Forest, Errol Gray, Sequence 3A, scene 7, graphite colored pencil on paper

Flight Through the Forest

  • Snow White Awakes in Forest, Hamilton Luske, Ward Kimball, sequence 3B scene 6, graphite and colored pencil on paper
  • Frightened Snow White, Hamilton Luske, Jack Campbell, sequence 3A scene 49, graphite and colored pencil on paper

Forest Friends

  • Eric Larson, color model drawing, sequence 4D scene 32, graphite and colored pencil on paper. (With notes on colors to use and big 32).

Dwarf’s Cottage

  • Concept
  • Storybook 1937
  • Background painting Seq 3C, Scene 2AX, 2BX3
  • Cel Reproduction Snow White looking through the window
  • Cel Set-up Reproduction Snow White cleans cottage
  • Broom, Arthur Fitzpatrick signed 1938; Seq 3C, Scene 13 Water Color on paper – probably signed later
  • Cottage interior; preliminary background painting; water color on paper

Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho

  • Seven Dwarfs, Bill Roberts, clean up, sequence 42, scene 2, graphite and colored pencil on paper (notes on drawing: 56A and names)

Dwarfs Arrive Home

  • Forcing Grumpy to Bathe , Vladimir Tytla, clean-up, sequence 6A, scene 24 (scene “24 of 6A”)
  • Ken O’Conner signed story sketch
  • Soup, story sketch, un-attributed
  • Story sketch with blond Snow White: “Why it’s a girl”

Building a Bed

  • Annoying Fly gag sketch, graphite and colored pencil on paper
  • Painting Ivy on a Post gag sketch, graphite and colored pencil on paper (with legend at bottom of drawing)
  • Carving a Post gag sketch, graphite and colored pencil on paper
  • Dwarfs and Pumpkin sketch gag, graphite and colored pencil on paper

The Poison Apple

  • Witch with Poison Apples(in basket), Norm Ferguson, Nick George, Sequence 13A, scene 15, graphite and colored pencil on paper
  • Witch with Poison Apple (holding in hand), Joe Grant, concept, graphite and oil pastel on paper

The Queen’s Disguise

  • Queen’s Spellbook, story sketch, Maurice Noble (signed), graphite
  • Queen’s lab, concept art, water color gouacha on paper

Happily Ever After

  • Prince and Snow White, Jack Campbell, Bernard Garbutt, clean-up, sequence 16A, scene 1, graphite and colored pencil on paper
  • Prince Leans Over Snow White, Grim Natwick, sequence 16A, scene 6; two drawings, Snow White and Prince – for cels which overlay together on background

How Animation Works

  • no notes

In the next few days/weeks I will post a number of photos from the exhibit.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Christmas Castle

Here's a nice image of the Christmas decorated castle at Disneyland all lit up at night. It's covered in snow as if it is winter time.

Click on it for the full size.