Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Unique Walt Disney Photo

I saw this photo of Walt Disney at a blog called From Mars to Marceline™

It's hard to tell where it was taken or exactly when. It could be in Florida at the beginnings of "The Florida Project" or maybe Anaheim at the time of clearing the orange grove.

Anyone know? It's the sort of thing Michael Barrier or Didier Ghez might know. Seldom does one see a photo of Disney in such a state.

The Mars to Marcelline blog is by Eleonora Duvivier and it contains excerpts from a book she has written called from Mars to Marcelline. She is clearly a huge Disney person and writes poignantly about it. She is from Brazil originally and her first entry on Disney Nationality is intersting.


Update: Didier Ghez tells me this picture was taken in Greece during the filming of the 1964 release the Moon-Spinners (review at Ultimate Disney).


Anonymous said...

Hi, it is Eleonora, I couldn't post a comment as a blogger, it simply didn't work.It is great that this picture of Disney called your attention, and thanks for writing about my blog. I did a little animation with this picture, in case you haven't seen, it is on the blog. I think this picture of Disney should be promoted because it shows how spiritual he was. It looks to me he is in a religious ecstasis. I also adored the zoetrap of Pixar characters. It is an experience to contemplate it!

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