Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Deleted Soup Scene from Snow White

From the "Fairest One of All" exhibit at California Adventure, below is a shot I took of the soup eating scene -- the famous scene that got cut out.

According to Michael barrier's fantastic biography of Walt Disney, The Animated Man, one reason for its excision was because it had a lot of similarities to the washing-up scene. Grumpy was grumpy and was last to go to the table, just as he was last to wash-up. And Dopey swallowed a spoon, like he swallowed the soap.

The Platinum DVD edition of Snow White apparently has this deleted scene included. I say apparently because I myself don't have it and take this info from Ultimate Disney's review of the DVD.

In the exhibit this picture corresponds to the Dwarfs Arrive Home display and the artist is not specified. In the picture Grumpy would be seated to the left and Dopey on the right, but the camera is zoomed in such that those two are not in this picture. The red square looks as if it is direction for where the camera is to go, but I can't say for sure.

There is apparently a song that goes with this scene called Music in My Soup.

Click on the picture for a much larger image.

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