Monday, November 26, 2007

WALL·E Model at Disney California Adventure Animation Building

WALL·E is the next Pixar film in the pipeline. Wikipedia and Jim Hill have some info on it. And there is a promo fake web site for the movie's fictional company called Buy N Large. It's being directed by Andrew Stanton who directed Finding Nemo, Pixar's biggest hit to date, so there is considerable interest all around.

As part of the promo campaign there is a little real life model of
WALL·E in the Animation Building at California adventure in Anaheim. It's in a big glass case, all alone. I got some photos of it. Keep in mind these are taken through a glass display case.

Some more shots at various angles are below.

Nice touch to make and display this.
WALL·E is said to be impressive and to have very little dialog. I don't know, though, how endearing WALL·E's cockroach pal will be.

Some of the art associated with it looks retro, like early Tomorrowland posters, but the story very well may be more pessimistic about the future than Walt Disney's Tomorrowland was. But it is said to be a love story, where
WALL·E falls in love with a robot named EVE.

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